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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SST PURE?

SST PURE® is a patented process of shaft alignment that analyzes a golf shaft to find its most stable orientation. Using proprietary patent-pending computer software and sensitive data-acquisition sensors, the SST PURE Shaft Alignment System quickly locates the “neutral” plane in each shaft. By assembling the club with the shaft in this SST PUREd position, off-line twisting and bending during the golf swing and at impact are greatly minimized. The SST PURE system also generates a printout for each shaft, showing its structural and performance analysis.

Why do shafts need to be PUREd?

Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two golf shafts are exactly the same. Every shaft contains irregularities in straightness, roundness and stiffness that are inherent to the manufacturing process. These structural inconsistencies can negatively or positively affect a shaft’s performance depending on how the shaft is aligned in the clubhead. SST PURE locates the most stable orientation in any shaft.

The SST PURE process works on any shaft, regardless of its material; steel, graphite, even boron or thermoplastic shafts benefit from the SST PURE process.

What are the performance benefits of the SST PURE process?

The result of the SST PURE process is that players of all skill levels hit the ball longer, straighter and more uniformly consistent than ever before. Independent testing on players of all skill level has established that SST PURE improves impact repeatability on the center of the clubface by up to 51 percent. Clubs that have been PUREd have a softer feel than randomly installed shafts, which is the current standard for club assembly.

I just received my SST PUREd shafts from the SST Pure Licensee. What is the correct way to install them?

On the butt of the shaft, there is an SST PURE sticker with an arrow running down the length of the shaft. When you insert the shaft into the clubhead, the arrow should be pointing straight up. If you think of the hitting direction as 9 o’clock, this means you want the arrow at the 12 o’clock position.

For a left-handed golfer, however, you want the arrow in the 6 o’clock position.

It is important to align the arrow at directly 12 o’clock in the hosel. Do not align it with the leading edge of the clubface.

What is the difference between spining and PUREing?

Spining is a nebulous terms that a lot of different people use to describe a lot of different processes. To some people spining means putting the shaft in a clamp and deflecting it back and forth. To others is means using a tube-like device to determine the straightness of a shaft.

The SST PURE process, on the other hand, is an engineeringly sound procedure that performs a structural and performance analysis on every shaft to locate its most stable orientation. This is done by computer analysis, so any errors which might be made from human judgment are negated. SST PURE locates the Plane of Uniform Repeatability in every shaft, that is, the dominant plane in the shaft on which the shaft flexes. This guarantees a softer feel and more consistent performance from club to club.

If any clubmaker tells you, "I can do the same thing as PUREing," don't listen to them unless you receive an official SST PURE printout. Your game is to important to be trusted to an individual's judgment.

Do steel shafts need to be PUREd?

Absolutely. Steel shafts are made by heating a flat piece of steel and wrapping it around a template called a mandrel. The ends of the steel are welded together to form what is called a weld seam. The location of this weld seam greatly affects the way the shaft performs. Straightness and roundness are also an issue in mass-produced steel golf shafts, and the SST PURE process takes all of these factors into account when PUREing a steel shaft.

Do PGA TOUR golfers use the SST PURE process?

The SST PURE Shaft Alignment Lab is present at many PGA TOUR events and has PUREd shafts for more than 200 TOUR players during the past five years. Some TOUR players will not hit a club unless it has been SST PURE aligned. Many players from the LPGA, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour have also had shafts PUREd.

What does the printout mean?

The printout can be broken down into two sections: The top shows the results from a structural analysis of your shaft, and the bottom shows the results of a performance analysis before and after the shaft was PUREd.

The graph at the top of the page shows the results from the Load Symmetry Index Test. This test analyzes the structure of your shaft. The result is a number from 1 to 100. If a shaft were perfectly round, perfectly straight and equally stiff all the way around, its score would be 100 and the line on the graph would be straight across the top. Such a golf shaft does not exist.

The graphs at the bottom of the page indicate the movement of the shaft tip at impact. The red graph on the left demonstrates how the shaft performed in the Logo Up position, which is the typical method of shaft installation. The green graph on the right shows how the shaft performs in the SST PURE position.

Finally, the conclusion on the bottom of the page lets you know how much the shaft was rotated and how much more stable it is now that it has been SST PURE aligned.

Memphis Golf is an official license of SST PURE and we have the machine that will Pure a shaft,  measure the Straightness of a Shaft, with a colored Printout all in a few minutes.

On every major professional Golf Tour, including 95% of the PGA TOUR, the best golfers in the world chose to have there shafts PUREd by the SST Alignment system to make sure the golf shaft performs consistently from shot to shot.

Every shaft that is PUREd by Memphis Golf includes a print out showing how much the shaft was stabilized. It will also show you the straightness of the shaft.   SST Pure Shaft Alignment system is used by the best players in the world because they know it works.

Come in today and let us pure your shaft so that you can have the same advantage the pros do!


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Prices are for a Single Shaft

PUREing SERVICE on any shaft purchased from Memphis Golfllc
PUREing SERVICE added to a Custom Club order from Memphis Golfllc
PUREing SERVICE on any new un-cut shaft not purchased from Memphis Golf
PUREing SERVICE on a cut shaft that has been removed from a head$25.00$23.00
Retro PUREing SERVICE on complete club sent in$50.00$45.00

The man responsible for SST PURE is Dick Weiss, a Florida businessman and club maker who has developed this highly sophisticated, patented process through which a golf shaft can be analyzed and its most stable position identified. Club maker Magazine caught up with Weiss during the week of The Players Championship and - not surprisingly - he had a few things to say about PUREing.

The spineing of golf shafts has caught the attention of PGA Tour professionals, including Jack Nicklaus. In all, more than 70 players on the tour have had shafts in their clubs aligned, according to Dick Weiss, founder of Strategic Shaft Technologies in Miami. And with the SST van now a fixture at most tournament sites, Weiss expects that figure to rise.

The shaft has been described as a club's engine, the instrument that delivers the club-head to the ball, but has it been doing so in the most efficient manner?

This question is at the root of a debate quietly brewing in the equipment industry: Is shaft orientation (also called shaft spining) a viable means by which a set of clubs can be made to perform uniformly, or is it a myth?

"I believe there's something to spine-matching," says Ben Crenshaw. "As professional golfers, we're out there with equipment every day and there's so much to try and so much information to digest. But spine-aligning makes sense. You can tell a lot of difference in a shaft's flex and feel."

"At a time of startling turnabouts and drastic changes within the U.S. Golf Association -- golfshaking, if not earthshaking -- another rules reversal has come down, this one with the potential to make a huge impact on the golf manufacturing sector. ...

"Weiss was appealing a USGA decision about spines in golf shafts (to the Implements and Ball Committee) ... so swift was the reply that Weiss was stunned. On Feb. 9, 1999, Frank Thomas, USGA Technical Director, composed a letter to Weiss. It said, in part, 'The (I&B) Committee has asked me to inform you that a club or set of clubs which has been assembled or reassembled by you, or by your licensees (in accordance with your patent) ... would conform with Rule 4-1b. ...

"What this means, in essence, is that Weiss now controls one of the most persuasive selling points in contemporary equipment ... I think the Weiss patent could be as important to golf as the development by Dr. Joe Braly and his son, Kim, of the frequency matching system.

Partners Magazine "The bottom line of all this technical gobbledygook is that if the spines are not set in the club heads at the proper angle in relation to the clubface, we are not getting the most out of our clubs and we will continue to have some clubs that will perform differently than others.

"Did spining my clubs make a difference? It sure did. I'm hitting my 8-iron, 9-iron and wedge farther. I also noticed that I hit my woods straighter, and I don't hate my 6-iron anymore."

Dick Weiss says that he has ended the United States Golf Associations own brand of "Don't ask, don't tell."

Mr. Weiss, a professional golfer and golf-club maker in Miami, says the USGA discriminated for years against those who chose a particular orientation -- in club shafts, th

GolfWeek "The spine phenomenon is no secret among knowledgeable golfers ...

The concept is remarkable in its simplicity -- orienting the golf shaft in a particular position in relationship to the clubhead. Weiss does this by removing the shaft from an exiting club, examining and testing it, then reinstalling it in the desired location ...

"There is a preferential direction that shafts look for," Weiss said. "My purpose is to get rid of the negative aspects of how shafts are installed, because they are generally installed haphazardly."

GCA INSIDER, by Tom Wishon, February 1999

"No matter how hard manufacturers try to produce symmetrical shafts with the bending properties commanded by the USGA, it is impossible to make a shaft that bends precisely the same way in every direction. ... To make perfect shafts in these regards could more than quadruple shaft prices. ... In fear of using spines to improve shot performance, the USGA effectively stated that golfers should just accept their shaft's random bending properties. ...

But then came Dick Weiss ...Testing is still under way to pinpoint the real effect of spine matching, but GolfSmith has seen enough to change its view -- spine orientation could be as significant in shaft-to-shaft matching as frequency analysis. ...

The USGA's secret is out. Even the highest-quality shafts have minor imbalances, and spine orientation could complement frequency analysis and help golfers get the most performace from their clubs.

Not too long ago, it seemed as if discussing shaft spines was only possible if it took place in dark rooms or behind closed doors.

"However, with the USGA's official acknowledgement of spines and the spine-orienting process, clubmakers will soon have access to technology which can identify shaft spines, orient shaft spines within a set and maximize the performance of customers' golf equipment. ...

"The Golfsmith technical team is convinced that Weiss' spine-matching process and its now 'official' compliance with the USGA's rules is a prominent development for custom clubmaking."

"Everybody has a favorite club in their bag. Which one do you choose when you absolutely, positively have to make a critical shot? Maybe it's hat 6-iron you always pull out when confronted by a narrow landing area with water on both sides.

"Weiss, a wealthy Miami-based entrepreneur and golf professional, says he can give you 14 favorite clubs. It doesn't matter what make they are or what your handicap is ...

"Spine alignment has been used in other sports for years. For example, an arrow that is not so aligned will not fly straight to its target; a fishing rod that does not have its eyelets placed precisely on its spine will twist in your hand when a fish strikes. ...

"In auto-speak, no matter how good or expensive the tires on your car, you won't get optimum performance if your wheels aren't aligned."